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Ron Onesti's Club 210 of Highwood

Our Current Status:

Since going on lockdown in early March, all Onesti Entertainment properties have been closed.  During that time, we have been renovating facilities and re-vamping our processes and procedures.  95% of shows from March through October have not been cancelled, they have been re-scheduled or are in the process of finding new dates as we speak.  If you currently have tickets to a show that is moving, your tickets will still be honored.  At this point, we are hoping to open all food and beverage venues by November, the theatres in December…hopefully!  Words cannot explain our appreciation for all the support during this extremely difficult time.  Those of you who have elected to utilize our 2-year show credit option for shows you cannot attend, THANK YOU!  That helps us here tremendously!  And when you DO come back, YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE!  It will be worth the wait!  I sincerely wish you and your family safety and good health!  See you soon!…Ron Onesti

Club 210 of Highwood is the North Shore’s premier live entertainment and dining destination. Originally built as a bowling alley, the first in Lake County, the historic space now presents live music five nights a week featuring some of the best musicians in the region and from around the world. But Club 210 is not just a music venue. It’s not just a bar. It truly is an experience. People walk in and feel the energy in the place. It’s something special…some even say magical. It’s a place that people fall in love with, and want to return to again and again.